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GEP Ecotech is a solid waste recycling solution provider. We manufacture industrial shredder and waste disposal equipment. The solutions provided by GEP Ecotech are widely used in municipal solid waste recycling, commercial and industrial waste recycling, construction and demolition waste recycling, Plastic recycling and bag opening, paper and cardboard recycling, bulky waste recycling, tire recycling, etc. We design overall solutions according to the materials and specific requirements.

Below are the materials we often handle

Current situation of solid waste management in East

A big proportion of their solid waste is not properly managed. This paper highlighted the situation of solid wastes management in EAC countries and compared with other countries. More than 62.5% of generated solid waste in EAC is organic, 19.6% of papers and plastics, 3% of glasses while other kind of waste occupies 14.9%. Vermicompost Preparation from Plant Debris, Cattle Dung Mar 31, 2016 · The paper has attempted to evaluate for development of efficacy vermicompost by using three varieties of earthworms. The use of earthworms in the degradation of different types of wastes is continuing from the past so many years. These wastes include industrial, agricultural of plant debris and domestic waste papers and cattle dung.

Solid-waste management - Recycling

Solid-waste management - Solid-waste management - Recycling: Separating, recovering, and reusing components of solid waste that may still have economic value is called recycling. One type of recycling is the recovery and reuse of heat energy, a practice discussed separately in incineration. Composting can also be considered a recycling process, since it reclaims the organic parts of solid ... [PDF] Energy Recovery from Automotive Shredder Residue This project was commissioned by the Association of Plastics Manufacturers in Europe (APME) and the American Plastics Council (APC) to evaluate the operational and environmental impacts associated with the co-combustion of automotive shredder residue (ASR) with municipal solid waste (MSW) in a modem, commercial waste-to-energy plant. This paper describes the ...

Plastic waste Research Papers

This research aims to find the composition of plastic waste which was combined with sawdust and rice husk to become an alternative brick material as thermal insulation for the building. This research used two methods; the first was to produce some samples from plastic waste materials with sawdust or rice husk and the second was to measure the ... Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) Production from Municipal Wastes the waste management approaches is to increase the consumption and marketing of such fuels. Waste materials which are generally reusable as RDF are: tire, rubber, paper, textiles, used oils, wood, plastics, industrial waste, hazardous waste and municipal solid waste (European Commission, 2003).

Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on waste management

Aug 26, 2020 · The containment of the spread of COVID-19 pandemic and limitations on commercial activities, mobility and manufacturing sector have significantly affected waste management. Waste management is critical to human development and health outcomes, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. The invaluable service provided by the waste management sector ensures that the unusual heaps of waste ... 10 Ways to Reuse Waste Paper - EcoIdeaz There is no doubt we are living in a country filled with garbage. Currently, India produces about 100,000 tons of municipal solid waste every day, which sums up to about 36.5 million tons annually. Civic authorities are spending about INR500 to INR1500 per ton for handling solid waste.

Environmental impacts of improper solid waste management

improper solid waste management system may contribute to a worsening environmental degradation of the community. Illegal dumping of communal solid waste is responsible for a number of diseases in Pakistan. Per capita, solid waste generation in developing countries is increasing annually due to an urbanization trend. An investigation into solid waste problem in the Egyptian Solid waste management (SWM) is one of the most critical global challenges nowadays. It has a severe negative effect on the triple bottom line of sustainability. Construction and demolition waste (CDW) contributes about 50% of the total global annual generated SW.

Waste Reduction Research Papers

This review covered 26 peer reviewed or proceeding papers in the last 10 years about the use of GSCM practices in the construction sector. The results were divided into four distinct areas of research: supply chain relationships, market competitiveness, life cycle and waste management. The Energy and Resources Institute CHALLENGES AND separation of waste materials at the source. Another potential use of plastic is to generate fuel from waste plastics. The current energy requirements are predominantly met using fossil fuels. Converting waste plastics to fuel is beneficial as it not only allows for waste plastic to be disposed of but also presents the opportunity of developing

Recovery of aluminum from solid waste

Abbate, S. T.: April 29–May 1, 1974, ‘The Use of Aluminum Recovered from Municipal Solid Waste’, presented at National Conservation Symposium, National Bureau of Standards, Gaithersburg, Md. Google Scholar Waste shredders, industrial waste shredders Waste shredders, waste shredding systems, solid waste shredding, industrial waste shredder, municipal solid waste shredder. The shredders are useful machines for the volume reduction of bulky waste such as reams of paper, paper materials, bumpers, tires, refrigerators and the shredding of different materials such as scrap iron, aluminum, copper, plastic as well as municipal solid waste ...

Waste shredders by WEIMA for the production of RDF

Waste is a valuable material. Whether commercial waste, bulky or household waste, production rejects, rejects and paper, municipal waste, wood residues and carpet materials: WEIMA ensures high-throughput waste shredding and an optimal result ... Waste Management - Journal - Elsevier Waste Management is devoted to the presentation and discussion of information on solid waste generation, characterization, minimization, collection, separation, treatment and disposal, as well as manuscripts that address waste management policy, education, and economic and environmental journal addresses various types of solid wastes including ...


Figure 1: (a) EFB in fibrous form, (b) Shredded paper in shredder machine. Recycled papers are use as a matrix material in the solid fuel briquette fabrication. The reason to choose papers as recycled waste in this research is because due to the properties of papers which can provide good properties for combustion. solid-waste management | Definition, Methods, Importance Solid-waste management, the collecting, treating, and disposing of solid material that is discarded because it has served its purpose or is no longer useful. Improper disposal of municipal solid waste can create unsanitary conditions, and these conditions in turn can lead to pollution of the environment and to outbreaks of vector-borne disease ...

Large-Scale Rotary Shear Shredder Performance Testing

A large-scale, 50 tph (45.3 tonnes/hr) Iowa Manufacturing Company (Cedarapids) Model 5096 (127 cm × 244 cm) shear shredder was installed and has been evaluated over a 6-mo period at the Charleston County Solid Waste Reduction Center. Two Heil 42F vertical shaft hammermills also are operated at the reduction center. US6136590A - Waste materials recycling method and A waste material separating method and apparatus a number of sequential processes the separate paper, plastic, glass, wood, and metals from waste materials. Bulk materials are manually removed from conveyors. Screening machines separate fine from course materials. Fine organic materials are transported to a composting area or to a digester to generate gas ...

Solid waste management in Guwahati city

Dec 01, 2014 · Solid waste management in Guwahati city 1. Solid Waste Garbage, Refuse, Sludge Wastewater Treatment Plant Water Supply Treatment Plant Air Pollution Control Facility Other Discarded Materials Solid, Liquid, Semi-solid, Contained Gaseous Material Industries Commercial Mining Agricultural Operations Community Activities Guide for authors - Waste Management - ISSN 0956-053X For example, studies on the use of a waste in transportation materials (concrete, asphalt) should be sent to journals that focus on those materials. In considering whether a manuscript is suitable for publication in Waste Management, authors should consider whether the information is of potential use to solid waste researchers, practitioners ...


A central issue concerns the study of safety and quality requirements for recycled materials and “end of waste” criteria. Papers of both fundamental research and applied research related to problems of interest to researchers, professionals and public officials involved in the management of municipal solid waste will be taken into ... The Salvage Industry What It Is How It Works Consequently, rub- ber reclaiming, which is responsible for 24 percent of all rubber recovered, is declining. With this decline, the rubber content of solid wastes can be expected to rise. Use of waste rubber to produce new materials or energy appears to offer the best hope of re- covering the resource values in waste rubber.

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