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machine for shredding confidential data

GEP Ecotech is a solid waste recycling solution provider. We manufacture industrial shredder and waste disposal equipment. The solutions provided by GEP Ecotech are widely used in municipal solid waste recycling, commercial and industrial waste recycling, construction and demolition waste recycling, Plastic recycling and bag opening, paper and cardboard recycling, bulky waste recycling, tire recycling, etc. We design overall solutions according to the materials and specific requirements.

Below are the materials we often handle

Residential Document Shredding

With the threat of identity theft growing, residential shredding services are an easy way to safely and securely destroy personal documents. Your confidential documents can give people access to information about where you live, work, shop and bank. By using a residential shredding service, you can dispose of sensitive data securely by: Kavinstar SHREDMAN S2 Heavy Duty Cross Cut Paper Shredder Technical Specification Model: SHREDMAN S-2 Entry Width: 300 mm Shred Size: 4 x 35 mm Running Cycle: 1 Hour Continue Shredding (Approx.) Sheet Capacity: 15-17 Sheets (A/4 Size 70 gsm) Production Capacity: 50-60 Kg Per Hour Shred Type: Cross Cut Bin Capacity: 75 ltr.(Approx.) Machine Size (LxWxH): 585 x 510 x 1095 mm (Approx.) Waste Bin Size (LxWxH): 490 x 360 x ...

Professional Shredding and Degaussing Systems

Banks, telecom and insurance, that need to protect, accurately manage and destroy clients’ personal confidential information Scroll Shanghai Depei Security Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading company in designing, manufacturing and market professional shredding, reduction, compacting and degaussing systems. Will it Shred? Laptop Shredding | Datashredders Drop a laptop into one of our shredding machines and it’ll make light work of your confidential information, rendering it truly inaccessible. To get in touch with Datashredders regarding laptop shredding or the disposal of any other sensitive items, simply use the form on our contact us page, call 0808 223 8945 or email

Paper Shredders & Paper Shredder Bags

Paper shredders and paper shredder bags protect sensitive or confidential data while managing high volumes of paper waste in offices and industrial environments. Paper shredders cut paper and related objects into thin strips or confetti-like units for safe disposal and protection against identify theft and fraud. Document shredding | Shred data | HSM Document shredding with HSM - Shred confidential documents immediately, wherever you happen to be. Data misuse can lead to losses that can run into millions! You can avoid this risk with professional document shredders that are tailored to your needs for the reliable shredding of your documents.

Media Destruction: Shredding Credit Card Processing Machines

Jan 24, 2018 · Onsite data destruction is the best defense against loss of private data from credit card processing machines and point of sale terminals. Legal Shred can come to your place of business and safely and securely destroy y our old equipment so that you remain compliant and keep your customers safe. The equipment we use renders old equipment useless. Secure Data Destruction Services | All Green Electronics These secure data destruction services include shredding, crushing, wiping, and degaussing for all data-bearing equipment and devices. Laptops, computers, PC’s, cell phones, tablet devices, and networking equipment such as printers and servers – all of your office equipment now has the ability to store sensitive data, and you need secure ...

Data Destruction Services, On-Site Hard Drive Shredding

For this, you need to hire services from reliable data destruction services. There are various methods of data destruction like. Degaussing; Data Wiping or Overwriting Data Shredding; Out of these, the third one is the most reliable method when it comes to data elimination as it leaves no loophole for the data being recovered. Super Fast Shredder To Destroy Confidential Information Feb 19, 2021 · The super fast shredder destroys the material in such a way that it is practically illegible. Many companies in Perth have recognized the benefits of owning a paper shredder. The machine destroys all documents; from high-performance books and magazines, binder rings, electronic tapes, video and data tapes, VHS, files, folders and office papers.

Proper Data and Document Destruction Guide

Unfortunately for Affinity, company data was discovered by CBS when confidential patient health records were found to still exist on the hard drives of Affinity Health’s photocopy machines, opening the floodgates for criticism in the public eye as Affinity took center-stage on the nightly news. ... Comparable to paper shredding for machines ... Shredding and Degaussing Systems Applications | DEPEI Depei Solution allows to shred internal and confidential data stored not only on classic paper support but also on optical, magnetic and electronic supports (CD, DVD’s, Floppy, ID Cards, Smart Cards, USB, Hard Disk and so on), thanks to its wide solution range of Shredder...

Paper Shredding, Recycling & Document Destruction

Confidential information can be found on more than paper: we destroy CD-ROMs, USB drives, data tapes and more. Speciality Shredding Service From uniforms to identity cards, speciality shredding destroys information wherever it’s found. Keep Confidential Data out of Criminals’ Hands - CyberCrunch Keep Confidential Data out of Criminals’ Hands. ... your machine could contain hundreds of pieces of customer data. ... Then, we use techniques like degaussing and industrial-scale shredding to render the data on your old devices completely unreadable.


7 reviews of Confidential Data Disposal "I can't say enough about Confidential Data and how wonderful they are to work with! I am a professional organizer and I often have large quantities of paperwork to shred for my clients. Whenever I call Confidential Data and speak with James Santerelli, the owner, he is helpful, accommodating and he is always willing to do whatever it ... Paper Shredder Security Levels - Shredded data can be reproduced with equipment and only in a particularly time-consuming process; P-3. Recommended, for example, for data carriers holding sensitive, confidential and personal data Max. material particle size 320 mm² (or 1/2in²) or max. strip width 2 mm, strip length not limited

Need confidential data to be gone for good?

There is one thing shredding systems for file and data need to do: shredding sensitive data reliably. Since requirements can vary according to the individual safety class, security level and type of shredded data medium, we offer shredding solutions tailored to your individual needs.. As the inventor of 4-shaft technology, we are the experts in this field. Choose the Best Shredding Provider | Shred-it United States Oct 05, 2020 · Shred-it's destruction machines (hydraulic crusher or shearer) are specifically designed to destroy your hard drives so that data can never be retrieved or reconstructed. Shred-it also provides a Certificate of Destruction following ...

Kavinstar SHREDMAN S2 Heavy Duty Cross Cut Paper Shredder

Technical Specification Model: SHREDMAN S-2 Entry Width: 300 mm Shred Size: 4 x 35 mm Running Cycle: 1 Hour Continue Shredding (Approx.) Sheet Capacity: 15-17 Sheets (A/4 Size 70 gsm) Production Capacity: 50-60 Kg Per Hour Shred Type: Cross Cut Bin Capacity: 75 ltr.(Approx.) Machine Size (LxWxH): 585 x 510 x 1095 mm (Approx.) Waste Bin Size (LxWxH): 490 x 360 x ... Confidential Waste Disposal - Shred Station® Secondly, using a home or office shredder may pose a risk to data, particularly if the shredder you are using is a strip-cut shredder. Strip-cut documents are easy to reconstruct, especially in the hands of an experienced thief. How you conduct confidential waste disposal after shredding plays a part, too.

Paper Shredder Machine: Types, Uses, and Functionality

A paper Shredding Machine is an automatic device used to cut papers into tiny pieces, into strips, or fine particles. It is mainly and commonly used by Businesses, Private Individuals, and Government organizations. The Paper Shredding Machine is used to destroy important, private, and confidential, and susceptible documents. Staples | Secure shredding allows businesses to safely and cost-effectively dispose of unnecessary paper-based documentation that may contain confidential information. Shredding can help prevent identity theft and data breaches while freeing up space – recycling responsibly.


paper shredder machines (paper crusher/destroyer), eavy duty paper shredder machines (departmental shredder), office paper shredder machines (confidential shredder) Kavinstar DINO A7 High Security Paper Shredder Machine Shred Upto 15 ... Shredding helps to protect confidential data and eliminate Shredding helps to protect confidential data and eliminate clutter. Fill out the form and receive a quote on shredding services. Get A Shredding Quote. Name * Email * Phone * Zip Code * FREE QUOTES. Get connected to shredding companies in your area that can handle any sized shredding project.

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