Pressure parts drawings of mostly all the Boiler Manufacturers are catalogued and listed in comprehensive database. All drawings of pressure parts are prepared in AUTOCAD System. Full size lay-outs are drawn on plate surface in shop floor which serves as a template for tube bending angles and ensure proper tube configuration and fit-up.

Tube Bending

Our bend shop has TWO CNC bending machines, operated by skilled operators, having capacity of bending up to 4" tube/pipe. The tubes are bent cold, utilizing the latest technology and equipment which are free of dings, folds or crimps and are held to strict orders on ovality and wall thinning to ASME Code/Indian Boiler Regulation.

Short Radius Bends

Short Radius Bends are bent to preliminary radius then further pressed in cold, with sophisticated tooling to final configuration, even up to 0.6D, maintaining ovality and thinning tolerances to the respective codes.


Studding of Tubes/Coils, for FLUIDIZED BED BOILERS are carried out by automatic high speed stud welding machines imported from U.S.A.


Certified welders approved under Lloyd's Register of Industrial Services (I) Pvt. Ltd. / Indian Boiler Regulation Act. for alloy and carbon steel material are conversant with the latest welding procedure like GTAW (TIG), GMAW (MIG), SAW (Submerged Arc) and MMA. (Welding of T-91 specifications tubes can also be undertaken by us).

Electrical Resistance welded Finned Tubes


Quality Control

Our internal standards of quality control are stringent and our Q.C. Programmed is approved by various International and national Inspection Agencies.Third Party Inspection Services provided by Lloyd's Register, Bureau Veritas Industrial Services (I) Pvt. Ltd., Tata Projects Ltd., RITES etc can be provided along with statutory board's inspection.

Packing & Forwarding

Due to the often large dimensions of the boilers & parts bank approved transport companies having required transport permits are engaged.

Size of Workshop and Area Available for Fabrication
Plot Area 4400 Sq. Meters.
Working Shed Area 2200 Sq. Meters.
Shed size -20M Span X 50 M Long X 12 M Height -@ sheds
Both Sheds are Equipped with
15 tons Cap. EOT Crane-1 No.
05 tons Cap. EOT Crane-1 No.
(In total 4 EOT Cranes are operating).
Power Facilities and Welding Requisites
Power Available in H.P.
300 KVA Transformer H.T. Sub Station
150 KVA Sanction Load.
Power Facilities and Welding Requisites
Power Available in H.P.
300 KVA Transformer H.T. Sub Station
150 KVA Sanction Load.
Non Destructive Testing
In built facility for N.D.T such as :
Dye Penetration
Hydraulic Test
Reciprocating Pump capable of carrying out
hydraulic test - up to 300 Kg/cm2(g).
Welding Requisites
We have in built in facility for carrying out:
Pre heating
Post heating
Stress Relieving
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